Xyngular Products & Symmetry4u/Symmetry Health Services LLC

 Our Refund Policies

A. Inception (initial) Purchase

1. Day 1-45 (Product)*: The Company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will refund 100% of the purchase price less Membership/Independent Distributorship fees, shipping and handling fees, and if postmarked by the 45th day from the order date. Any products that were ordered will be refunded once they are returned to and processed by the Company. Please note that this 100% refund (less shipping), does not apply once a Customer/Member or Distributor places his/her second product order.

2. Day 1-3 (Member/Distributor Fees): If a Member or Distributor reconsiders his or her decision to enroll as a Member or Distributor and the purchase of their Inception order, they must contact the Company within three (3) business days from the Inception order date in order to request a refund of their Membership or Independent Distributorship Fee. The Company will refund the fee at the time of the request. Once a Membership or Independent Distributorship Fee is refunded, the Member’s or Distributor’s Independent Distributorship will be cancelled.

B. Creating and Sending the Return

1. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) must be obtained prior to returning the products or promotional material to the Company. An RMA may be obtained either by telephone or in writing and must be included on the actual return shipment.

2. The original sales order number from the invoice must be provided to the Company at the time of RMA request.

3. The Company will provide the Customer/Member with the correct procedures and location for returning the products or promotional material.

4. All shipping costs must be paid for by the Customer/Member.

5. All packaging/containers (full, empty or used) must be returned to receive credit for the item(s).

6. The refund will be submitted to the original form of payment, provided the return process is followed properly. Although refunds are generally processed within seven business days of the Company’s receipt of the returned products, please allow 30 days before contacting the Company to inquire. Delays to refunds may be caused by inaccurate or missing information.

C. Important Information

1. Order date and day 1 are defined as the date the Company receives full payment for an order through the Website order system.

2. This refund procedure may vary in jurisdictions where different repurchase requirements are imposed by law. Applicable laws where the original purchase or return occurs may dictate the terms of the refund policy.

3. International returns may require a different procedure than outlined above. Contact Customer Service for details at admin@symmetry4u.com.

4. The Company reserves the right to review each return or exchange on a case by case basis.

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